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Welcome to Mint Childcare & Kindy.  Our centre has established a reputation of excellence in early childhood education in the heart of the Willetton Bull Creek and surrounding community. Since our organisations inception in WA in 2004 we are proud to have grown to provide education and care services nationally. Mint Childcare & Kindy has been at the forefront of nurturing and educating young minds since opening in 2014. Our journey is built upon nearly two decades of comprehensive operational experience, collaboration with the WA Department of Education, engagement with industry groups, adherence to recognised best practices, and a commitment to quality training and development. This rich heritage underpins our service, setting us apart as a leader in providing educational experiences that cater to the holistic development of young children.

Early Learning Centre
Mint Staff

At Mint Childcare & Kindy, our mission transcends beyond mere childcare; we aim to offer an environment that supports, cares for, nurtures, and educates every child in our care. This is made possible through our rigorous selection of educators who embody our core values—passion, commitment, and an unwavering respect for the pivotal role they play in shaping the futures of young learners. Our Centre Directors, renowned experts in early childhood education, embody our philosophy and work actively with families to ensure the best outcomes for their children. It’s this dedication to excellence that ensures our services meet the highest standards of care and education.

We believe it takes a vibrant community to raise a child, and at Mint Childcare & Kindy, we are that extended family. Our educators and staff cherish sharing in the milestones and everyday moments of our children’s lives, listening and adapting to the unique needs of our families to forge strong, meaningful relationships. With an abundance of resources, our centres offer dynamic, engaging, and explorative learning experiences, fostering a sense of wonder and curiosity in every child. Our aim is to create a homely atmosphere where children feel valued and connected, promoting a culture where learning, exploration, and critical questioning are not just encouraged but celebrated.

We invite you to experience the Mint difference. Join us at our centres and witness firsthand the incredible journey of growth and discovery that our children embark upon every day. At Mint Childcare & Kindy, we’re not just building a foundation for academic success; we’re nurturing the hearts and minds of the next generation. Visit us and see the amazing things happening within our walls—a place where your child can truly flourish.

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