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Delivering a world of enjoyment and discovery for your child from Babies to Kindy.


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Mint Childcare & Kindy

At Mint Childcare & Kindy we are committed to delivering a world of enjoyment and discovery for your child, as they navigate their precious early years.


Not all child care centres are the same. Here at Mint we are at the forefront of best practice in delivering the Early Years Framework learning outcomes.  From the earliest age, we provide love, nurture, encouragement and support. We segway into discovery, development and facilitate positive relationships with open communication. Each individual child’s learning styles are catered for in our educational programs.


Parents and families are able to follow and record their child’s learning journey through our interactive app with photos, videos, observations, learning stories and educational programming. Our place is your place where you can be involved as much or as little as you like.


Early childhood is a time to grow and get a taste of the exciting things to come in life. Mint kids leave our child care and early learning centre with the confidence to embrace and excel in their next learning steps at Primary school.


At Mint Child Care & Kindy we believe that all children have the right to grow in an environment which advocates belonging, being and becoming. Our team of educators aim to provide children and their families a seamless transition between home and the centre by creating an environment which kindles the familiar links and comforts of home. We aim to give every child the best start in life by encouraging curiosity, wonder and inspiration. Whilst working together with families and the local community we embrace cultural differences, beliefs, traditions and practices.

Environments with learning foundations derived from our world, living things, culture and human relationships are offered to encourage children to explore their own interests with others as well as discover new ones. We pride ourselves on promoting and involving the children in water conservation, recycling, growing seasonal foods and embedding sustainability in our evolving environment. Balanced and nutritious meals are offered that uphold and promote all things healthy for our bodies. We encourage positive eating habits through education and role modelling.

Educators trust and respect the role of parents and strive for continuity between home and the service environment. Through an abundance of communication educators build positive relationships with parents, families and children where their input is encouraged and incorporated into our daily experiences.

We recognise that children learn the best through play, not only for enjoyment but also for well-rounded growth and development. Our educators are skilled in using a variety of hands on teaching practices that guide children’s development alongside the Early Years Learning Framework and National Quality Standards. The team of educators at Mint are valued, respected and supported with engagement in continuous personal development and training.